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Israel: Nazis by another name

india Updated: Aug 08, 2006 18:08 IST

It is now evident that the victims of Nazi oppression of twentieth century have now turned out to be no different from their racist oppressors by turning a narrow strip of land of 1.4 million in West Asia into a concentration camp for use as free shooting zone where razing down houses, bombing power station, cutting off water supply, kidnapping government and parliament members, displacing the whole population and turning the towns into ghost towns at the slightest provocation, which may even be children throwing stones let alone kidnapping one of “God’s chosen children”!.

“A state that takes such steps is no longer distinguishable from a terror organisation”, wrote a lone voice, columnist Gideon Levy of Israel, against such atrocities by a state formed by terrorism.

Now a sovereign country is being torn to pieces by the same invading terrorist state with “targeted”, euphemism for indiscriminate and barbaric, bombing of power station, water supply, airport, roads, bridges, ports, trucks carrying medical aids, minibuses full of fleeing refugees, hospitals, dairy farms (hit by five “targeted” rockets) and turning the country to a rubble akin to the Nazi carnage in Warsaw, from where many of these refugees from Nazism came and formed the terror state; all because two of their soldiers were kidnapped, while ten thousand of the kidnapped people, many of them children, rot for nearly twenty years in the concentration camps inside Israel and in Gaza gulags.

Such is the extent of racism that they have no qualms in saying, “human life is not cheap to the Israelis and human life on the other side is quite cheap actually”, just like the Nazis used to say about their victims.