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It’s high time people realised the dark reality of reality TV

india Updated: Nov 15, 2010 21:01 IST

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It’s high time people realised the dark reality of reality TV

The recent incident of a man allegedly committing suicide after being humiliated by Rakhi Sawant on her TV show is tragic and brings to light the downside of reality television. An anchor has no right to publicly demean anyone or pass judgement on personal matters. Both the channel and the victim are equally at fault. While the former should reconsider the format of the show, the latter should have realised that Sawant lacks the necessary knowledge and experience to tactfully resolve personal crises.

Arvind Bhatia, Delhi

The US is a fair-weather friend

Congratulations to Sitaram Yechury for his article No cheers for this one (Left Hand Drive, November 12), which made for interesting reading. I agree with the author that India's subservience to the US is coming in the way of its ambition of becoming a superpower. New Delhi shouldn't have any illusions vis-à-vis its relations with the US. It should take a cue from the ties between Washington and Islamabad, on whom the US, on the one hand, depends to fulfil its vested interests in Afghanistan and, on the other, doesn't hesitate to launch drone attacks against whenever deemed necessary.

Pendyala Pradeep, Sagar

It’s win-win all round

With reference to the editorial Missing the point (The Pundit, November 11), as the American economy is in bad shape, US President Barack Obama should tone down his criticism of the outsourcing industry. It would be in the interests of the US to increase trade with developing economies like India. Americans should accept that Indian professionals are talented and skilled, and are contributing towards the growth of both the Indian and American economies.

Mahesh Kumar, via email

Breeding grounds for violence

With respect to the Aman Kachroo case, ragging in educational institutions has become a menace. It's disappointing that temples of learning have become breeding grounds for violence. It’s the duty of school/college managements, parents as well as students to put an end to the problem of ragging.

Syed Khaja, Delhi

Suu Kyi’s indomitable spirit

This refers to the report Aung San Suu Kyi freed (November 14). It's heartening to know that Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Myanmar’s most revered politician Aung San Suu Kyi has been released from house arrest after years. Her decision to continue her fight against the military dictatorship is praiseworthy.

Sharful Islam, via email

Put this on the right track

This refers to environment minister Jairam Ramesh's criticism of sports utility vehicles (SUV) and his proposal to lower the subsidy on diesel. The minister's decision is welcome. India cannot afford to sell subsidised fuel to the rich for their diesel-guzzling cars. However, Ramesh should also realise that the increase in the sales of SUVs is partly due to the poor condition of roads in India. The government should adopt a multi-dimensional approach to tackle the issue.

Smita Gupta, Delhi

Showing his true colours

With reference to Pankaj Vohra's article Sudarshan has lowered the bar (Between Us, November15), it is said that intellect and values guide a person's speech. If that's true, then former RSS chief KS Sudarshan's derogatory remarks about Sonia Gandhi say a lot about Sudarshan's upbringing and attitude to life. One also feels sorry for the RSS, which has got a bad name due to this.

RK Malhotra, Delhi