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It’s private business

Salman Khurshid’s advice to CEOs to follow the Congress’s austerity drive is touching, if a tad conceited.

india Updated: Oct 05, 2009 22:32 IST

We don’t subscribe to the Gordon Gekko theory that greed is good. But do we really care how much CEOs of companies make as long as they ensure that we, the shareholders, get a few shekels too? So, we think that Corporate Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid was a bit offline with the bottomline when he asked the private sector to avoid ‘vulgar’ salaries for their top executives. Now Mr Khurshid means well. We do eat our hearts out when we see our corporate tycoons whiz above us in their helicopters while we are stuck in the traffic. The minister also added the caveat that the government will not regulate private sector salaries. That’s nice, considering that the government cannot do so.

But perhaps someone is forgetting that the new mantra is private-public partnership and if we have our CEOs worrying about where the next Cartier is coming from, it might just make such partnerships a wee bit unsteady. Now, we do agree that we should have no truck with vulgarity. But tell us, would you rather see a doyen of vulgarity rake in the big ones for fake weddings and babies than an honest to goodness CEO who adds to the wealth and health of millions of shareholders?

Post your answers to us and we will pool in from our very unvulgar salaries for a ticket on Air India, that model of governmental management. When those who have invested their savings in companies feel that the CEOs are getting their snouts in the trough at their expense, we are sure that they have ways of letting them know that they will have to sweat a little for that next villa in the Bahamas.