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It’s quiz time, folks!

india Updated: Aug 28, 2009 11:18 IST
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey
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It’s been a year since you enrolled in this class, and by now, you should know all the basics of car technology.

Now it’s exam time. Pass this and you get promoted to the next level — Auto Tech 102. Commencement dates to be announced soon.

1. What does ‘ABS’ stand for?
a. Anti-Braking System
b. Advanced Braking System
c. Anti-lock Braking System
d. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

2. What provides energy to drive a turbocharger?
a. The crankshaft
b. Exhaust gases
c. Intake air
d. Battery

3. The most common cylinder configuration for cars today is:
a. Four cylinders in line
b. Six cylinders in line
c. Six cylinders in vee
d. Eight cylinders in vee

4. A car’s engine is usually placed
a. Longitudinally in front of the passenger cabin
b. Longitudinally at the back
c. In the wheels
d. Transversely in front of the passenger cabin

5. The suspension’s primary job is
a. Ride comfort
b. Handling
c. To keep the tyre in contact with the road
d. To keep the car body level

6. ‘Halogen’ lamps are called that because
a. They run on halogens
b. There is a halogen gas instead of a vacuum in the bulb
c. They generate a halo
d. They need a halogen refill

7. Tyres have treads because
a. The treads make the tyre look good
b. The different models need to be distinguished
c. The treads help the tyre grip in wet conditions
d. They make the tyre lighter

8. Most engines today use which combustion cycle?
a. The two-stroke cycle
b. The four-stroke cycle
c. The six-stroke cycle
d. I prefer the bicycle

9. Which is better: disc brakes or drum brakes?
a. Discs, they dissipate heat faster
b. Drums, they work well even in the wet
c. Both are equal performers
d. Engine braking’s the best solution

10. ‘RON’ stands for
a. Read Only Memory
b. Ronald, Harry’s best friend
c. Research Octane Number
d. Real Octane Number

11. A spark plug’s electrodes are usually made of
a. Iridium
b. Platinum
c. Steel
d. Copper

12. The most basic thing an SUV needs to go off-road is
a. Mud-terrain tyres
b. Four-wheel drive
c. A spare can of fuel
d. Satellite navigation