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It’s time to introduce new and sensible laws

india Updated: Jul 27, 2009 21:58 IST
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It’s time to introduce new and sensible laws

It’s time to introduce new and sensible laws
The report Our laws older than our country (July 24) shows how our country is being ruled by archaic laws which cripple our judicial system more than they help us. Such laws are no longer in sync with the changed times, make our legal system redundant and lead to ambiguities. At a time when thousands of pending cases have already earned our judiciary a bad name, it is high time we replace these antiquated laws with those that reflect the needs of our country and its people.
Shuchita Jain, via email

The truth behind the ISI is out
The report ISI fomenting chaos in Kashmir, Afghan: Mullen (July 25) doesn’t come as a surprise. Everybody knows that the ISI assists terrorists in Pakistan to spread violence in India, especially in Kashmir. The Indian government has been voicing its concerns on the role of the ISI for a long time. Instead of putting pressure on Pakistan to check its intelligence network, the US has been providing multi-billion dollar aid to the country to counter terrorism. But the ISI has used the aid to buy arms and ammunition to be used against India. So, if the ISI is at fault, so is the US.
Surendra Deo, Delhi

Admiral Michael Mullen’s observation confirms that the US is aware of the wrongdoings of the ISI and the Pakistani government. Then, it must also be aware that the ISI backs terrorist groups like the LeT and Jaish, whose aim is to disrupt peace in India. While this acknowledgement by the US works in India’s favour, the US seems to be intentionally ignoring the bigger picture: Pakistan isn’t controlling the ISI, it is the other way round.
Bishan Sahai, via email

Bravery and a biased media
Neelesh Misra’s article How we won an unwinnable war (July 25) reminds us of how we lost many brave soldiers in various wars in the past. Be it 1962, 1965, 1971 or various military operations in Kashmiri, our courageous men died for their motherland. But it’s unfortunate that only the Kargil operation has received overwhelming media attention. Even the IPKF operation in Sri Lanka went unnoticed. Does the media have any answers on this?
GS Gill, Ludhiana

A lesson not well learnt
The editorial The slips are still showing (Our Take, July 25) rightly points out the lackadaisical attitude of our intelligence agencies. After Kargil, had they been more careful, 26/11 could have been averted. The government, too, is not ready to accept its faults and is always ready to shrug responsibility in such cases. We should learn from our mistakes instead of playing the blame game. Even ten years after Kargil, it is disappointing that our security and intelligence are not foolproof.
Kanika Tiwari, via email