Jaswant Singh discarged from hospital after 4 months

  • Hindustan Times, HT Correspondent
  • Updated: Dec 30, 2014 18:26 IST

Four months after he was admitted to Army Research (R&R) Hospital after sustaining a critical head injury, former defence minister Jaswant Singh was discharged from the health facility on Tuesday.

However, doctors at the hospital claim that the 76-year-old continues to be in a minimally conscious state and would need supportive care at home.

Singh was brought to the hospital on the early morning of August 7 with signs of brain haemorrhage.

Family members had brought Singh to the hospital after finding him lying on the floor of the house in an unconscious state. He had reportedly slipped inside the house.

“He was brought to us around 1am, and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital. His condition was very critical so we had to put him on life support system,” said a hospital source requesting anonymity, as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

Singh’s initial examination at the hospital had shown signs of coma, with raised pressure inside the skull and an internally bleeding scalp.

A CT scan of the head had shown an acute subdural haematoma with mass effect, a midline shift and contusion of the brain substance. In layman’s terms, he had suffered severe internal bleeding, resulting in a huge clot in the brain, among other complications.

An emergency decompression procedure, decompressive hemicraniectomy’, was performed to release the pressure on the brain.

“He was under constant monitoring of our team of multi-specialists, including neurosurgeons and doctors from the critical care department. He is stable but would need care at home, with regular follow ups,” said the source.

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