Jharkhand Police hunt down rapist through Facebook, site he used to lure girl

  • Sharad Chandra, Hindustan Times, Dhanbad
  • Updated: May 22, 2015 20:40 IST

Thou who lay trap on Facebook shall be trapped so, learnt a "rapist" from police.

Two months ago, a twenty-year-old girl in Dhanbad got a friend request on Facebook from a man. He looked attractive in his profile picture. She accepted the request. And they began chatting and then talking.

One month later, he proposed marriage to her and invited to his place in Gaya in Bihar. The girl, a degree student, jumped at the proposal and hopped on a train to Bihar, 200 km away from Dhanbad, without telling her parents, said the police.

But to her shock, the face that showed up at the station as her lover was not the man she knew on Facebook. The girl realised she was a victim of fake profile. In an unknown land, she felt defenceless when he took her forcibly to his place and raped. He clicked a few pictures of her during the assault. Later, he let her go.

Days later, she got his call asking her to come to Gaya again. When she refused, he uploaded her photos on Facebook. With her back against the wall, she opened up before her parents, who lodged a police complaint in Dhanbad police station.

Lady police officer Shashi Prabha Toppo, who was into Facebook, knew too well that the man's profile was fake. The officer upped the game by adding the girl as her friend on Facebook and baited the man to talk without revealing who she was. And he was only too happy to see a woman ping him.

"While chatting, I told him that his girlfriend was in bad condition and her parents after coming to know of the affair had seized her mobile phone," said the officer.

Toppo told him that his girlfriend was with her and lured him to talk, to ferret out his location.
The man even tried to hit on the officer during their conversation. "He frequently talked to me," said Toppo.

"Finally, the man asked me to send his girlfriend to Gaya," said Toppo. A police team, including Toppo, and the victim went to Gaya on Wednesday morning.

At the Gaya station, the victim rang up the man and talked to him, helping the police zero in on him. They arrested him and brought him to Dhanbad. The man has been identified as Rajesh Chaudhary, resident of Meethapur in Patna.

The police have charged him under various sections of the IPC and cyber law, including for rape and uploading obscene photos online.

"We are trying to find out how many more girls did he cheat. Investigation is on," said Amit Kumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dhanbad.

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