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Karat backing the wrong

The editorial Manifesto the line (The Pundit, July 14) was an interesting read. By supporting tainted comrade Pinarayi Vijayan, Prakash Karat has shown his true colours.

india Updated: Jul 15, 2009 23:14 IST

Horse in Kerala

The editorial Manifesto the line (The Pundit, July 14) was an interesting read. By supporting tainted comrade Pinarayi Vijayan, Prakash Karat has shown his true colours. A majority of Keralites believe that the Lavalin money has something to do with Karat’s decision, despite strong objection from mass leaders in West Bengal and elsewhere. The Central Bureau of Investigation needs to extend the inquiry to AKG Bhavan for getting the facts, and especially scrutinise the role of Karat and Ramachandran Pillai.

CP Rajendran, Delhi

Physician, heal thyself

Lalita Panicker’s article We really need some intensive care (July 14) was timely and laid down the problems that plague our health system. Health is a State subject and the issue of trained manpower is a crucial one. Too many medical colleges are churning out sub-standard doctors and allied staff that further affect the level of healthcare. The government must open colleges in rural and semi-urban areas, enticing students from the area with a mandate to work in the locality. Policy should focus on both primary and secondary healthcare, with healthcare personnel acting as credible agents of change.

Karan Thakur, via email

The time is now

The initial reports in the series Inspired India (July 13) were appreciated. It is time we looked into the pathetic condition of our disadvantaged millions, most of whose basic needs are not fulfilled. However, the media must do something to change the mindset of people associated with the public distribution system, primary healthcare and education. Unfortunately, our politicians and bureaucrats have ignored the discrepancies in the same and allowed a skewed status quo to prevail. The government must do something to remedy that.

Balram Misra, via email

A very real threat

Apropos of the report Naxals strike in new region, 33 policemen killed (July 13), Maoist violence, extending from the Nepal border right up to Andhra Pradesh, poses a potential threat to the very integrity of our nation. It has crossed the limit of a mere insurgency and its character is akin to a full-blown terrorist movement. The central government must shoulder the blame, given the lack of a sustained policy to meet the challenge posed by the Maoists, and the problem is out of control. Unfortunately, the police and paramilitary forces have become sitting ducks for attacks by the Naxals. The government must treat the movement as a declaration of war against the country and deal with it as such.

Bapu Satyanarayana, via email

Investigate before you write

With reference to the editorial Carting cash around (The Pundit, July 13), we live in a system where ministers run different kinds of scams and still get key portfolios and walk free without a single arrest warrant against their name. Why then are we pointing fingers at our generals? I hope Hindustan Times has got its facts right. If not, then it is undermining the moral fibre of our armed forces. The wrong-doers must be taken to task, but please do not unnecessarily flog a willing horse lest you have to carry its burden on your shoulders in the future.

A.J. Paul, via email

Let nature take its course

This has reference to P.V. Satheesh’s article Sky is not the limit (July 15). It is sad but true that Indians have a habit of ignoring the laws of nature for selfish gains. After turning the natural laws upside down, we then wonder how are cities get flooded every year and how global warming is changing our Himalayan region and raising sea levels. It is time for us to learn that nature has its own laws and it’s best to follow those rules for our benefit.

A.J. Paul, via email