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Last orders: High expectations

Last orders

india Updated: Nov 16, 2012 15:26 IST
Serena Menon

Earlier this week, a national daily published a full-page package discussing the possibility of legalising a certain intoxicating substance in the country. It sparked off a debate young India loves indulging in, and made many wonder whether Mumbai truly deserves it.

Nonetheless, everyone knows the chances of marijuana getting legalised are negligible. But let’s say, in a hypothetical universe, our government does rule in its favour. What would happen? The government would get another steady stream of income by taxing the life out of its sales. The abusers, who currently get aggressive and create havoc intoxicated on liquor, would become mellow instead. Political party supporters, unfortunately, will be banned from its consumption. Riling up those under influence would be a painstaking process. The law against driving under influence would include another clause. With the world passing by in slo-mo, there would probably be fewer cases of speeding.

Yes, some will then argue about the legalisation of other such substances as well, but they will probably get shot down because they don’t have the holy sanction that marijuana does. People will get into bar brawls a lot lesser. Philosophising will make a comeback. Music by The Beatles and Bob Marley will top the charts again. Oncologists won’t face the pressure to peddle. Those currently advocating the ban of cigarettes and alcohol in certain areas will get a new reason to continue fighting another evil, and so on.

The full-page news story mentioned-above went on to say, “Given that studies across the world show that moderate consumption of marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, it makes little sense to uphold the ban on its recreational use.” Possibly. Now all that those who support this move need to do is to wait for a multi-national company to offer to make money off this business and give the government an actual reason to support its legalisation. Because, those who want to consume it, already have access. As for the others, who don’t, they need not worry because the quintessential little sense is all that we lack.