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Last orders: Meditate and make merry, the end is nigh

india Updated: Dec 21, 2012 16:56 IST
Serena Menon

If you’re reading this, chances are that the world hasn’t quite ended the way some people expected it to. In which case, full points should be awarded to the director of 2012 (Roland Emmerich) for that spectacle of a film.

And NASA, yet again, has been proved right (if you haven’t already, check out the apocalypse video they released 10 days before ‘rumoured doomsday’ just to show off their overconfidence). Congratulations earth; unless it’s just the time difference that’s waiting to kick in.

Either way, this day — December 21, 2012 — shall pass slowly, overloaded with puns at every corner.

In Mumbai, it will end with a doomsday theme party if you’re into morbid revelry. Only because this city loves a reason to celebrate, I had expected the world to end with more than just a bash or two this Friday night. Unfortunately, not too many places are going out of their way to make sure the city has a killer time today.

The organisers at the F Lounge. Diner.Bar (Lower Parel) are some of the few who have tried — they will throw in some apocalyptic audio-visuals (of earthquakes and storms?) and special cocktails in the evening. Then, if the world hasn’t vaporised before Mumbai’s stipulated 1.30 am deadline, they can probably top off the party with a screening of the NASA video.

For closure.Escobar, in Bandra, had a ‘save the world’ party a day before doomsday for some reason. Pubs like Lagerbay and TGIF are also offering deals for those who don’t feel like dressing up to die and are okay getting obliterated in their shorts and pyjamas.

Some secret events are doing the rounds as well. A few weeks ago, I invited myself to a nameless ‘end of the world’ gig being held not too far from the edge of the world, Andheri. The description was also aptly suspicious:

“Join this Facebook event and we’ll contact you about how to buy a pass, which entitles you to free food and drinks, access to VIP areas, and unlimited beer games like beer pong and flip cup.”

But the best world-ending ‘party’ of them all has to be what a city meditation centre has secretly hidden up its robes. According to a news report, those at Loving — The Way Of The Heart “will take part in sacred earth meditations where they will meditate by shaking their bodies — a way of flicking away all negativity”.

There’s another bash apparently; but there’s no way to confirm it. Rumour has it that it’s at a nightclub called The Mayan (it actually exists) in Los Angeles, USA. Something about celebrating pulling of the biggest prank of all-time, they say.