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Laugh and be happy

india Updated: Oct 21, 2012 23:53 IST
Inner Voice Bhavna Mathur

God talks to us, yes, all the time. But we do not hear Him, most of the time. Because, most of the time, we are sad, dis-heartened or confused. We express our misery, frustration and resentment by screaming at anybody, everybody and sometimes even at Him! So, we do not hear him.

Most of the time, out inner thoroughfare is over-flowing with traffic – fleeting thoughts speeding bumper-to-toe, constantly blowing horns of dilemma and screeching impatient brakes. And, we do not hear Him!

And then, there is that biggest barrier to His voice — Our ego! It keeps bellowing and roaring, rattling our ear-drums with that “I know what I’m doing!” echo of over-confidence, and more often than not, making us stumble over the pot-holes and crumble into dust!

God talks to us? One day, I was determined to ascertain this. So, I somehow managed to bring my mind-traffic to a stand-still.

I hog-tied my ego and tap-shut its mouth. That done, I tried to connect with God from my inner voice: “Hello, God!”

My ego struggled to free itself, some distant horns blared. I made an even bigger effort to blot them out. “Hello, God! Please talk to me.”

I could sense he was listening. I redoubled my effort. “Hello, God! I want to be happy. Tell me how, please put it in simple terms, for I am not well-versed with all things holy or divine.”

I heard a laughter! “Are you laughing at me, God?” “No!” God said. “I am putting it in simple terms.” He laughed again. “Simple terms? But I don’t understand.” “Nothing to understand!” God said. “If you want to be happy, laugh!” “Laugh? Without any reason?”

And God said: “Laughter needs no reason! It is the do-all and end-all to all miseries. So, for the next few days, no matter what or why, whenever and wherever, just laugh!”

The lesson: Laugh, and you’ll never again be sad even if the world thinks you have gone mad.

And soon you will discover happiness true as the world begins to laugh with you!