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Let’s keep abreast of things

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It is often asked, why can’t women be more like men? Well, it would seem that things are the other way around now. While women may envy certain attributes men have, famously documented by Freud, men are not going down that path. A Delhi hospital is building quite a reputation for helping men get things off their chest, literally. Many men, it seems, are developing breasts far in excess of aesthetic proportions. An odd development at a time when women are starving themselves to get rid of their God-given curves.

But do we really want men running abreast with women on this issue? Certainly not. Men are still not willing to go the whole hog in their desire to be the ultimate metrosexual. Yes, they may opt for that smooth hairless look but as for other more feminine assets, they are still not upfront about it. But it is really women who have been able to have the best of both genders, from dressing to behaviour. A woman in a suit is sexy, a man in a dress would probably be told it doesn’t ‘suit’ him. Biceps on a woman are a sign of good health, let’s look no further than Madonna or Venus Williams. But a man with too much in the muscle department is regarded as a bit thick between the ears.

But, perhaps, this was to be expected. For when God created woman, it was from a man’s breastbone. Maybe, this is a reversal of roles. In any event, it’s nothing for men to bust a gut about.