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Let’s launch a moral war

This has reference to the report No hope, only despair (November 1), the terrorist attack in Assam should signify a watershed in Indian politics.

india Updated: Nov 02, 2008 23:55 IST

Let’s launch a moral war
This has reference to the report No hope, only despair (November 1), the terrorist attack in Assam should signify a watershed in Indian politics. It is time that the people of India shed their allegiance to this or that politics, community, religion and regionalism and raise one voice declaring a moral war on terror. Every citizen has to act as a policeman, every policeman as a military man and every politician should be alert against efforts to further divide the nation. It is a war for freedom from terror.
Samir Banerjee, Delhi

Losing our confidence
The editorial To market, to market, but little to buy (Our Take, October 30) rightly commented that the result of HT-CNN-IBN survey is an eye-opener for the policy-makers. The intermittent assurances given by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister that we are insulated from the global recession, has proved to be false. Price-rise, retrenchment of employees and the downward trend in the stock market have taken a toll on the confidence of citizens. The government should address the problems on a war-footing.
Robi shom, via email

Quantum of dissatisfaction
When will we understand that Raj Thackeray’s demands are organically linked to the caste quotas? When will we have the courage to demand scrapping the quota system? Unless this is done, the licentious quota mentality will breed many more Raj Thackerays. What Raj is doing is unjustifiable, but has anyone questioned the intentions of Arjun Singh, Lalu Yadav, Paswan and Co. in leading this nation towards a quota regime? Raj is right if the Arjuns, Paswans, Yadavs etc. are right. What is sauce for the goose must be sauce for gander too.
Deepa Iyer, Junagarh

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and the financial capital of India. But the recent incidents of violence in the name of regionalism have put a big question mark on the security of its citizens. The central government must take steps to convert Mumbai into a Union Territory. That perhaps would bring some sort of control over the city and make it insular from hate politics and rogue regionalism.
Ratan Sharga, via email

The regionalism preached by Raj Thackeray and his goons has taken the shape of an internal war in Mumbai. If he wants more jobs for locals, the locals must be competitive enough to be suitable for jobs. Also, does Raj Thackeray think that the Maharashtra of his vision can exist without any help from outsiders? Why doesn’t he think of the nation as a whole and work for the uplift of Maharastrians in the right way?Are we heading for a time when one has to carry a passport for going from one state to the other?
Balachandran Pillai, Delhi

Living with fear daily
With reference to the report Carnage in Assam (October 31), it is difficult for a person to feel the grief caused by blasts unless he has lost someone. So all the politicking and dry analysis make no sense to those who have suffered. Whosoever may be the culprits behind the Assam blasts, it is the man on the street who pays the price for such barbaric acts. The security condition in this country has worsened to such an extent that the common man will have to think twice before leaving for his daily work.
Mahesh Singh, Vellore