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Let the sun shine on you

india Updated: Apr 15, 2010 15:55 IST
Aroma Sah

BeautySummers invite a bevy of skin problems for people of all age groups. With mercury rising every passing day, recurring visits to dermatologists seem to have become mandatory. However, experts say that the common skin problems can be easily dealt with at home.

Tips for the summer:
The common summer skin problems are rashes, prickly heat and fungal infections. It is advisable to wear a sunscreen of more than 30 to 40 SPF. It gives maximum protection to the exposed areas of the skin from the harsh UV rays. If possible wear a wide rimmed hat or carry an umbrella.

One must wear loose cotton clothes that allow sweat to evaporate. Also, light coloured clothes must be preferred during daytime as they absorb less heat. If you visit the gym regularly then switch the synthetic gym apparel to cotton shorts or pants, as synthetic clothes do not allow sweat to dissipate, leading to itching in the groin area.

If rashes develop, try to keep the skin cool. Wash the affected area with ice-cold water. Sit in a pool or in an air-conditioned cool room for at least three to four hours to ease off the irritation.

Apply any good calamine lotion regularly to cool the local temperature of the rash area.

In case the heat rash starts peeling off, exposing raw skin — pus points develop or the skin between rashes becomes red as well — an antibiotic treatment is required, so visit the dermatologist immediately.

Fungal infections emerge when the local temperature rises, as the heat is not able to dissipate. The common areas to get affected are body folds, armpits, groin and skin below the breast. People who are athletic and children who play in the sun are prone to this.

Moisture promotes fungal infection and dryness can kill fungal infections. To dry up the infected area do not wipe it, rather use a hair dryer but on a cool air setting. 8After taking a shower, dry yourself completely before putting on the clothes.

(With inputs from dermatologist Dr Tanvi Pal, BLK Memorial Hospital and Dr Amit K Agarwal, Paras Hospital)