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Life a learning process

india Updated: Dec 06, 2011 01:51 IST
MN Kundu
MN Kundu
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Every saint has a past and every sinner a future. Our life is a long journey towards sainthood through various ups and downs and a series of experiences, pleasant and unpleasant to which we may appropriately respond or not. What finally we become really matters for us as that alone leads us to the destination of this precious human incarnation.

Hence we need to take lessons from life every moment through observation, analysis,introspection and resolution to follow them up for action.

Our present moment of life is invariably wonderful as it is intended to make us and shape us for betterment from the present condition. It provides us the exact opportunities needed for development and growth at this moment whether we like them or not. We have the choice to accept them as the opportunity for further development, remain complacent or find excuses for frustration and inaction.

No one is eternally damned for doing wrong deeds. Our past actions or karma create the congenial conditions for us to work out our shortcomings and blinding desires and thereby facilitate our progress. Rewarding conditions in life expand our horizons of aspiration while the so-called cursed conditions cater for maximum growth and maturity. In either case, we are benefitted if we take the requisite lessons.

Usually adversity teaches us more by making us probing, analytical, introspective and determined. A smooth sea can never make a good sailor. Without perpetual strikes, the base metal can never take the shape of useful utensils or a wonderful statue.

Acceptance of lessons from every experience of life develops even-mindedness and peace. Fulfilment of desires momentarily satisfies us for some time but cultivation of even-mindedness leads us to permanent peace and everlasting happiness.

At times, we tend to be carried away by wish fulfilment or drowned by frustrating desires without taking any lessons. Therefore, we need to constantly pray to the Almighty to make us steadfast and firmly anchored.

Absolute surrender to Him gives us the strength and wisdom to accept life as a learning event in every condition.