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Life beyond living

india Updated: Jul 21, 2011 23:59 IST
MN Kundu

It may take a long time for us to develop a clear vision as to what we exactly want from life. All of us want to be happy, so we are always in search of happiness. Every wish fulfilment affords us temporary happiness — be it having a cup of morning tea or a new car.

But such desires bind us in unending cyclic order of happiness pursuits as happiness is never to be found on permanent basis under the existing scheme of reality. Impermanence and insecurity of life disturbs our peace; while ageing, disease and death exhibit the dual scales of delusive reality.

A serious engagement with unavoidable oddities of life invariably takes us deeper below the level of living. Such seriousness enables us to develop the first stage of spiritual life with an intense aspiration for enlightenment. We sincerely desire to work out the mystery of life and death and its true purpose enveloped in abysmal ignorance. We search for a convincing answer here and there and never remain satisfied with any second hand information from any source.

At this stage, we realise that direct experience of the absolute reality cannot be obtained from any one. We have to acquire it through transformation of the ego into divine self. But dissolution of the ego by the ego is a far cry as it invariably remains in disguise to perpetuate our existence in delusion ever more.

At this critical stage we spontaneously surrender to the Almighty for divine intervention as our own effort has inherent limitations and insurmountable boundaries. Absolute surrender elevates us from the mundane consciousness of happiness and sorrow, desire and disappointment and enables us to accept divine will.

When we ride on the two wheels of aspiration and surrender, we easily enter the domain of divine grace. Egoless surrender attracts the limitless storehouse of divine consciousness and makes us realise that we are That what we are searching for. All answers, fulfilment, and permanent security and peace lie in our constant identification with divine consciousness.