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Life goes for a toss: Coffee and cricket match in office

india Updated: Feb 07, 2015 00:19 IST
World Cup

A World Cup is a dreadful time for my boss! From employees with sore eyes to unscheduled holidays, every tantrum in the book is played. I personally love to watch all major encounters. The 2011 World Cup was a blessing in disguise as it was held in India and the timing of most matches was convenient.

This year, the planning has been done well in advance. The television has been moved to my room for comfortable viewing from the bed, a small fridge to store some nice chocolates and drinks has been installed and Mom has been advised to keep her earplugs ready!

Dad is trying to convince my brother to sleep on the couch for the next two months. He as a guy, it's hard to believe, hates cricket!

I remember the football World Cup last year. He had made my life hell. The matches would start around 1am and he would completely disturb my sleep. I plan to return the favour this time, but Dad has come in the way.

Talking about my work life, till the end of March, people are going to be surprised as the usually, always, latecomer shall be the first in office, thanks to the matches.

Don't be fooled, I shall not be working. Watching a match at one's terminal, hiding from the boss, is a lovely game. The pleasure gained out of that is matched by very few things.

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