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Life, the universe and everything

Life, the universe and everything

india Updated: Nov 27, 2012 02:10 IST

Acidic oceans dissolving sea creatures’ shells
Tokyo: Shells of sea snails are being dissolved by global warming - leaving them defenceless against predators, according to new research.
Waters around Antarctica are becoming more acidic due to increased levels of carbon dioxide and are corroding the protective outer layer of swimming snails, found the study by a team of international researchers. The situation is worse in polar regions because the gas is more soluble in cold water, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. - IANS

Too much tech use can give you ‘semi-somnia’
London: A growing number of people are now suffering from a newly identified sleep disorder called ‘semi-somnia’ triggered by stress and technology use, sleep experts say.

Rather than totally sleepless nights, sufferers of semi-somnia experience short bouts of sleep disruption - perhaps on particularly busy or stressful days, experts claim. An Indian-origin expert has even coined a phrase ‘fizzy sleep’ to explain sleep difficulties faced by sufferers. PTI

Two Titanic menus auctioned for 100,000 pounds
London: Two Titanic menus, including one for a meal for first-class passengers on the day the ill-fated ship made its maiden voyage, have sold for a staggering 100,000 pounds at an auction. One of the menu auctioned was for the meal on the day the ship made its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. It was taken as a souvenir by two fishmonger brothers, Richard and Stanley May, who used the Titanic as a way to reach Queenstown, Ireland. It was passed down through the family and brought to auction on November 24, where it sold for a record breaking price of 64,000 pounds. The second menu was sold for 36,000 pounds, the Daily Mail reported. PTI

Words like ‘binge drink’, ‘washed-up’ are from World War I
London: The World War I, the conflict that ended almost a century ago, is responsible for hundreds of words and phrases being used today in the English language, according to a new study. Terms believed to have become common parlance because of the war include ‘cushy’, ‘snapshot’, ‘bloke’, ‘wash out’, ‘binge drink’ and ‘pushing up daisies’, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

It is claimed that many of the phrases had previously been used by just one geographical region or social class before the war - until hundreds of thousands of British men were forced to mix with one another in the trenches. Historians Peter Doyle and Julian Walker have traced the striking development of the English language between 1914 and 1918. PTI