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Living after death

india Updated: Nov 04, 2010 00:56 IST
MN Kundu
MN Kundu
Hindustan Times
MN Kundu

Extensive research in the West on the remarkable phenomenon called near-death experience (NDE) undergone by millions of people all over the globe, has revealed startling things about death, dying, afterlife and subtle operation of the law of karma. The experiences largely coincide with Eastern spirituality and world classic on afterlife, Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The term NDE refers to those incidents when individuals due to cardiac arrest, illness, accidents, operations etc are near or actually clinically dead with no measurable heart or brain activity together with total absence of vital life- support system. Modern methods of resuscitation has brought many people back from this twilight state and a number of researchers have recorded the accounts given by them of what the dying state is actually like.

The core experience relates to an out of the body ex-perience when consciousness with sensory faculties floats and medical procedure performed by doctors and surroundings are clearly observed. They find themselves in a twilight tunnel and going towards bright light. Some of them meet dead acquaintances and a quick flashback of own life, higher power or saints, see ethereal landscapes, and hear heavenly music. A majority of them feel happiness and no pain or regret at all for leaving the body. Finally, after hearing a mand-ate of going back to body, they enter the physical system.

Usually, NDE is peaceful but some, due to karmic compulsions, see terrifying visions of hellish realms, dark long empty tunnel where earth bound souls are trapped due to their inability to surrender attachments for physical world, possessions or people. They are told to be judgemental of their own acts.

The aftereffect of NDE has been highly transforming with a deeper acceptance of death as an extension of life, motivation for loving and helping others, less interest in material pursuits and an overpowering conviction in spiritual significance of life. The experiences invariably elevated life of the returned patients with a mission, vision and a rich perspective of consciousness after death.