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Lord’s true follower

india Updated: Jun 15, 2012 00:26 IST
Lachhman Dass

My wife, Lachhmi Devi, 80, questioned me before breathing her last recently: “Why do all and sundry run after God? All types of people, including murderers and dacoits, go to temples, worship Him to seek solace and rid them of their sins. She wanted to know why God should not run after those who did good acts.

I was puzzled and could not give her any convincing reply. She then related me an incident. Once she had a dream. An angel with a long list in his hand was writing something. She asked him: “What are you writing?” “I am writing the names of those who worship God and love Him,” he replied. “Is my name there” “No, not in this list,” he said.

After a couple of days, the same angel appeared again with a long list of names. She put the same question to him. And he replied, “Yes, your name is at the top.” She was stunned and asked him for the reason.

He replied: “God is pleased with those who serve His creation – human beings, animals, birds and even plants. He thinks of them as His real devotees and never annoys them and runs after them. You are one of them. You are, in the real sense of the word, an ‘insaan’ (human being) and God has liked your motto: “Serve mankind and all his creation; work is worship.”

Another instance of her truthfulness, innocence and honesty: When we were newly married, I purchased a soap costing Rs. 4 and paid a 5-rupee note to the shopkeeper, who, instead of returning the balance of Rs. 1, gave me back Rs. 6, presumably taking my note for a 10-rupee one.

I quietly accepted and returned home. When I narrated the incident to my wife, she asked: “Was the shopkeeper an old man and could not see properly?” I replied in the affirmative. She was upset and blasted: “But you could see things well!” My conscience did not allow me peace of mind until I returned the money.