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Love hormone may keep men faithful

Women who are constantly worrying if their man is cheating on them may breathe easy now.

india Updated: Nov 18, 2012 01:12 IST

Women who are constantly worrying if their man is cheating on them may breathe easy now. A study has revealed that the love hormone oxytocin may help keep straight men in relationships faithful by prompting them to steer clear of hot women.

Researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany found that when men in monogamous relationships were given a dose of oxytocin nasal spray, they kept a larger physical distance— about four to six inches (or 10-15 centimeters)— from attractive women they didn’t know as compared to men who received a placebo. Oxytocin is the powerful hormone that is stimulated during sex, birth, breast feeding or when we hug or kiss someone.

On the other hand, in case of single men, the oxytocin nasal spray had no effect on the distance they maintained between themselves and the attractive women. The study involved 57 heterosexual men. “Because oxytocin is known to increase trust in people, we expected men under the influence of the hormone to allow the female experimenter to come even closer, but the direct opposite happened,” says Dr René Hurlemann, a researcher.

In humans, oxytocin has been found to promote bonding between parents and their children and also reduce conflict between couples. A health and wellness daily cited a study that found that the couples with higher levels of oxytocin in the beginning of their relationship were more likely to stick together than couples with lower levels of the love hormone.

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