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Love potions for you

Which drink should you order for your date to make an impression? We get you tips to order the perfect drink.

india Updated: Nov 14, 2009 13:49 IST
Jayeeta Mazumder

Had a situation when you went overboard with your drinks and your date had to drive you back home? And you have deeply regretted for getting sloshed once when you woke up next morning. You surely wouldn’t want an action replay. So you are now clueless about how to go about ordering sober drinks that will not only impress your girl but also nip the nausea in the bud. Chill out, we’ve got an expert who will tell you what to order that will definitely floor your girls (no, not literally). Here are a few few drinks that you’d never get drunk on. We call them love potions.

At a fine dining restaurant
Order a glass of wine of your choice or champagne. If you’re really serious about your girl, go ahead and place an order for rose champagne too. The after-effect would be the blush on her cheeks!

Order a signature cocktail of the restaurant. Most signature cocktails go well with the food you are ordering and generally blend with the decor and theme of the place.

In a cafe
Order a Mudslider ( Bailey’s + Vodka + Kahlua). A perfect drink that gives you enough reason to look at her lovingly while having long, sweet conversations.

Caipiroska remains an eternal favourite. Pick your favourite flavour. The good thing is that it’s a day drink so there’s no fear of getting a high. Reserve that high for love.

At a night club
Don’t opt beer.

Order a Long Island Iced Tea. It’s easy to hold, so it’s safe for a crowded club and something that will keep you going through the night. But remember it’s quite a potent drink.

A cosmopolitan never goes wrong. You’ll love the twinkle in her eyes when you order one for her. Even an apple martini will work wonders. Remember not to have anything on the rocks. It’s a date, not a buddy bonding night. You may order straight drinks like vodka with red bull or, say, Grey Goose with some lime and tonic.

In a high-end lounge
A little jive along with a few cocktails will invariably lead to a great evening. Go ahead and order signature cocktails.

Your tastes will speak through the drink you choose. Go for a glass of wine. She will love you for it. If you can afford it and want to bring that million-dollar smile on her face, then order a full bottle of wine or Champagne. It’s just classy.

In a specialty food restaurant
Don’t forget to ask which cuisine she’d prefer. Don’t try to be the all-knowing one. When she’s done looking through the menu, order cocktails like Mojito, Sangria, Caipiroska that blend well like mint, fruits and others. It’s your gentlemanly ways that counts the most.

If you like Italian, order fresh fruit cocktails like a watermelon Martini or orange basil tall drink with Bacardi. In case your date is game for experimenting, order a cucumber and ginger based drink.