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Lovey dovey bites

How about whipping up some love-laden desserts for your partner this Valentine’s day?

india Updated: Feb 11, 2011 01:10 IST

How about whipping up some love-laden desserts for your partner this Valentine’s day? You won’t go wrong with desserts made with fresh, juicy strawberries. Have doubts about their love inducing properties? Well, the gorgeous red colour of strawberries is believed to invoke passion in lovers.

You would also find them being referred to as fruit nipples in various erotic literature. They come loaded with vitamin C that’s believed to cure impotency. In fact, the very shape of the fruit resembles a heart. No wonder, strawberries have been rated as one of the best aphrodisiac fruits. In certain parts of France, newly wed couples would even drink cold strawberry soup to make their honeymoon more exciting.

Here are a few easy to make strawberry treats that will enhance the sweet quotient of your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Some mush-laden treats: -

Strawberry Cheese Cake
(Serves 10)
Egg yolk 8 no.
Castor Sugar 60 gms
Mascarpone cheese 600 gms
Condensed milk 400 gms
Strawberry pulp 200 gms
Whipped cream 01 kg
Gelatin 40 gms
Fresh strawberries 200 gms
Glucose biscuits 100 gm

1. In a bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar till light and fluffy
2. Add mascarpone cheese to the above mixture
3. Add condensed milk and strawberry pulp
4. Fold in whipped cream carefully, avoid mixing too much.
5. Add gelatin and layer a cake ring with plain glucose biscuits and pour the mixture over it
6. Set in refrigerator and
serve cold

Winter Strawberry Mousse

(Serves 10)
Egg yolk 2 no.
Castor sugar 70 gms
Whipped cream 200 gms
Fresh strawberry 100 gms
Strawberry pulp 50 gms
Gelatin 5 gms

1 Beat egg yolk and sugar till the mixture becomes light and fluffy
2 Add strawberry pulp and chopped strawberry
3 Fold in whipped cream and add gelatin
4 Set in a cake ring and place in refrigerator for 2 hours
5 Remove the mould and serve chilled

By chef Tarun Kapoor,
The Metropolitan Hotel

Recipe for strawberry tarts with crème freche

Flour 150 gms
Eggs 01 no.
Icing sugar 100gms
Soft butter 50 gms
Rich cream 100gms
Philadelphia cheese 100 gms
Strawberry puree 100 gms

1 Take butter and icing sugar and make a smooth mixture
2 Mix egg and add flour slowly for a soft paste like consistency
3 Keep in chiller and after cooling roll in tart shells
4 Bake in oven at a temp of 150-C
5 Cook strawberries and allow to cool
6 Take Philadelphia cheese and mix to make it smooth
7 Add strawberry puree and rich cream
8 Pipe using nozzle and garnish with strawberries
By chef Rakesh Talwar,
F Grill & Lounge

(Compiled by Shara Ashraf)