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'LTTE's claim is so idiotic'

india Updated: Jun 29, 2006 17:13 IST

The idiocy of the argument put forward by the LTTE spokesperson betrays the demented, one-dimensional mental make-up of the fanatical organisation he represents.

To suggest that India had ever regarded the entire Sikh community ‘guilty’ simply because the killers of Mrs Gandhi happened to belong to that religion, is either downright foolish or purposely mischievous on his part. Where then, is there the question of ‘forgiving’ the Sikhs leave alone citing the democratic appointment of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as evidence in this regard!

Alas! If only the hate-mongering, bloodthirsty leadership of the LTTE had had the wisdom to remove their blinkers for once and stop seeing everything in the world around them in purely ethnic lines, the history of their organisation would perhaps have been much different and so many innocent lives spared.

Mr Balasingham should be forcefully reminded that India does not regard the entire Tamil community guilty of murdering Rajiv (just as it did not hold Hindus responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi) – that crime has firmly been charged into the account of the terrorists belonging to his LTTE.

Brutal terrorists who display absolutely no compunctions when killing blameless innocent individuals in the name of their grievances real or imagined, surely deserve no better themselves.

Saying sorry for mass murder is simply not an option. Civilised society everywhere, must be willing to deliver ruthless justice in its fight against the disease of terrorism or be prepared to be consumed by it.

Let a start be made with the eradication of the LTTE.