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Magical effects of mirror

Mirrors have been called the “aspirin of feng shui”, as they control, create space, counteract negative factors, and allow good things — like a beautiful view — to enter.

india Updated: Sep 20, 2008 17:29 IST

Mirrors have been called the “aspirin of feng shui”, as they control, create space, counteract negative factors, and allow good things — like a beautiful view — to enter. They should always reflect something pleasant, such as an attractive view or a landscape, which will bring the vibrant energy of a garden or a scene into the house.

When placing a mirror to enhance a space or ‘cure’ an area, be aware of what is reflected in it; else a problem may be created elsewhere. Mirrors should never distort or cut into the image of a person as this symbolically distort or cut his/her chi.

Mirrors are useful in a small area where they visually double the size of the area. Don’t hang them opposite the door or window as they reflect the chi back at itself and do not allow it to flow around the house. Also, mirrors placed opposite each other produce restlessness and hence should be avoided.

Mirrors can benefit an area in the following ways
It counteracts or cancels out a bad influence. If you enter a home where there is a feeling of pressure, close quarters, or darkness, a mirror on the wall facing the entrance can remove the difficult influence.

It eliminates bad chi as a mirror can alter chi by increasing the domain of vision, drawing attention to ourselves, directing our chi to the mirror to enhance it, or making a sharp point, which focusses bad chi our way, disappear from view.

Mirrors speed up and redirect the flow of chi energy, similar to the way they change the directions of light waves. Use mirrors to direct chi energy to a stagnant place, to reflect chi away from a place with too much energy and to stop chi from rushing in a straight line.

Mirror cures
For insomnia, migraine, eye problems, heart problem, place a three-inch round mirror between the mattress and the bed (mirror side facing upward) under the problem body area.

For asthma or lung problem, place a two-inch round mirror under the mattress and fix one on the roof above the problem area.

Mirrors can boost your bottomline because they symbolically double whatever they reflect, giving your assets twice the strength.
Place a mirror next to the cash box to double your income.
If your reception area is small, fix a mirror on the wall to double the space.
If you own a food joint or any other business where people gather, put a mirror on the wall to double the number of customers.

Hazardous mirror position
Whenever you use mirrors, it is important to avoid hanging them so that they directly face the door or window, because this causes chi energy entering the building to be reflected back out again. Stairways should never be reflected in the mirror, as they interfere with the positive chi.

Bear in mind, too, that you should not place two mirrors opposite each other because the chi will bounce back and forth, creating a tense atmosphere. In general, avoid having mirrors in your bedroom because the atmosphere they create is not conducive to good sleep.

If you must have a mirror in the bedroom, position it so that it does not face your bed. This way, the emotions and chi energy you release during sleep won’t be reflected back at you, and you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mirrors are very powerful and can energise a room effectively, and placing a mirror by an entrance will encourage chi energy to flow into and circulate around your home more easily. Too many mirrors in your house, however, can make it harder for you to feel relaxed.

Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant. For appointments, call +91-9810155835