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Man lives as a woman for safety!

india Updated: Sep 19, 2006 19:26 IST

Ever heard of a man living life of a woman for 15 years? And what more? The kids are enjoying the best of both worlds with motherly and fatherly affection, all under one roof!

In a bizarre incident of superstition, a person born as a man is living a woman's life for the last 15 years after a 'holy man' asked him to do that to protect himself from a curse that killed his three wives and 13 relatives.

Chinta Haran, a resident of Haujpur in Janpur District of Uttar Pradesh has adapted a woman's lifestyle for 15 years ever since he lost his third wife.

Haran has resorted to such a lifestyle after he was told it could save him from the influence of evil spirits and bad luck which had made his life miserable.

Dressed like any traditional woman, Haran wears sarees, bangles and puts Sindoor (or, red powder used by women as a sign of being married), and a dab of lipstick.

Chinta Haran tried his luck in marriage with three different women but all of them died very soon. But just after his third wife died, a series of deaths occurred in his family. In a small duration of time he lost 13 relatives.

"My first wife was a Bengali and both of us used to live in West Bengal. Soon after our marriage my first wife died. My second wife met with the same fate. But after my third wife died, there were thirteen more deaths in my family in a row”, says Chinta Haran.

“Later, once my first wife appeared in my dream and told me to live like a woman. One Sadhu (or, holy man) also gave his stamp of approval for this solution to avoid further bad luck. Whenever I stopped doing this and tried to get back to a male's lifestyle I started having serious troubles," says Haran.

Initially, the neighbours and other relations were taken aback at Chinta Haran's sudden transformation. Now they have accepted it.

"People mocked at me, they still do but I cannot help. This lifestyle has given me peace. I'm comfortable that way only," said Chinta Haran about his life-style

Neighbours and relatives have told Haran that he is being stupid but all persuasion failed.

"We always tell him not to do so, but he says that if he wears men trousers and behaves like a man, he starts facing family troubles," said Raj Nath Sharma, a neighbour.


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