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'Married but love someone else'

Everything was going smooth until I met this lady. We both are of the same age and she's also married. Initially, we used to talk regularly but now we have become close. I want to be with her...

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:47 IST


'I'm married but dating someone else'

I am a married man, living with my mother, wife and daughter. Everything was going smooth but one day when I met a lady, my life changed completely. We both are of the same age and she's also married. Initially, we used to talk regularly but now we have become too close. We love each other and share everything. I was thinking of divorcing my wife but I'm unable to do so because I have become attached to her and my daughter very much. I am stuck. What do I do? Please help me out.


How to satisfy a woman?

I am 40 and got married 12 years back. We have 2 kids. From last seven months, I have been away from my wife since because I am working in Gulf. Now I will be going back for a vacation and I am very excited because finally I'll be able to make love to my adorable wife. I just want to know is there a way to satisfy a woman sexually?


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Foot fetish killing sex life

I have a fetish for women in high-heeled shoes and I even indulge in self-pleasure thinking about them. But during intercourse, it's proving real hard to have an erection. Dreaming of a woman's body parts do not help in producing erection. So I have been really unsuccessful in achieving an orgasm. Only when I fantasize of a woman's foot, do I ejaculate. Please tell me how to stop this fetish thing?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Fetish of any kind is a serious disorder of sexual orientation and needs extensive counseling by either a psychiatrist or a psychologist (specializing in sexual medicine) for its management.


How to know more about sex?

I am about to get married soon. While talking to my would-be, I realized that she knows nothing about sex/intercourse. But I love her and I like her understanding nature. She wants me to tell her about actual sex during the first night and that she would not go to any doctor. Though I know about sex, for me also, this is the first time. I do not have any actual experience. So I do not know how exactly should I handle this situation? How should I go about it? Please guide me.

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Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Were you expecting a graphic account of penetrative sex when you asked your fiancé about her knowledge concerning sexual matters? Her modest and shy reply in fact is most appropriate. You should give some more time to your relation to discover all about your future wife.