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Memorable quotes on US election day

As Americans vote Tuesday in a cliff-hanger presidential election, here are some memorable election day quotes:

india Updated: Nov 07, 2012 05:26 IST

As Americans vote Tuesday in a cliff-hanger presidential election, here are some memorable election day quotes:

"I think anybody who's running for office would be lying if they say that there's not some butterflies before the polls come in because anything can happen."

US President Barack Obama admits to some polling day nerves.

Victory speech
"I just finished writing a victory speech, it's about 1,118 words, and I'm sure it will change before I finish because I haven't passed it around to my family and friends and advisers to get their reaction."

A confident Republican challenger Mitt Romney gets ready for his big moment, perhaps.

2016, Biden, really?
"Is this the last time you will vote for yourself?" a pool reporter asked Vice President Joe Biden after he voted in his home state of Delaware.

"No, I don't think so," the 69-year-old said with a grin, hinting at a tilt for the presidency himself in 2016.

Shave it off?
"I bought myself a new mustache comb, because I know I'm gonna be needing it."

Obama campaign senior advisor David Axelrod tells MSNBC he is confident of keeping his trademark 'tache after agreeing to shave it off if his boss loses any of the Democratic-leaning states of Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota.

How important is your vote?
"I was just trying to read (the ballot paper) and breathe, read and breathe. That's what I kept telling myself: 'Read and breathe, read and breathe'."

First-time Chicago voter Galacia Malone, 21, describes how she cast her ballot while in labor. She later gave birth to a baby girl.

"If a play were opening tonight, I think the title should be 'The Ass-Whuppin' Cometh.'"

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville says Obama will win as he launches an election day broadside at the Republicans.

Sandy makes her presence felt
"Please excuse the appearance of this place. Two days ago, it was under two feet (60 centimeters) of water."

A polling-station worker in Hoboken, New Jersey, apologizes to voters for its late opening. The city was hard-hit by superstorm Sandy last week.

"We need to change this president. I need a job for my wife, for my daughter, a better future for my grandsons, and that's why I'll vote for Romney."

Cuban-American voter Ruben Salazar, 72, explains his choice.

As goes Dixville Notch...
"I think (the result) is very indicative, that this is the first time in Dixville Notch's history that there is a tie. We're still a very divided nation and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the country is."

Tanner Tillotson, 24, who cast the first ballot at 12:00 am (0500 GMT), said he plumped for Obama as residents of the tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch split their 10 votes in an ominous 5-5 tie.

It's me, 'you know, the president'
"This is Barack Obama. You know, the president?"

The president surprises a campaign volunteer in swing state Wisconsin with an election day call from a field office in Chicago to thank them for getting out the vote.

"One of the problems with the Democrats is they've essentially cannibalized the people who were supposed to traditionally show up today, they got them to show up early."

Senior Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillespie suggests Republicans have the edge because so many Democrats took advantage of early voting in the weeks leading up to election day.