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Men prefer small bust to silicon!

india Updated: Sep 25, 2006 18:43 IST

This is one list that men and women need to read before setting out to romance the person of their dreams, for it gives them an insight into what the opposite sex deems as real “turn-offs”.

Lycos internet portal conducted a Dream Dates survey of 3,000 Brits to find out what men and women find real turn-offs when it comes to romance.

According to the Daily Mail, for women the biggest losers in the love game are men with bad breadth with 56 percent of them voting it to be the biggest turn-off.

Following a man’s breadth, the other next factor that will make women ignore men as likely candidates is whether or not they have a beer belly, with 15 percent of the ladies deciding that it was also a turn-off.

Following closely at the heels of the beer belly is greasy hair in the number 3 position with 13 percent of the votes.

Rounding off the top five turn-offs for women is dirty and shabby clothes and smelly feet with 8 percent of the votes each.

When it comes to men, contrary to popular opinion, it seems that wrinkles and small breasts do just fine with 32 percent of men stating that Botox and silicon are the biggest turn-off.

Following closely on the heels of plastic surgery is too much make up and hairspray with 26 percent of the votes.

The third thing that really turns men off, is greying thermal underwear with 22 percent of the votes.

14 percent of the men survey also said that being overweight was extremely putting-off, and 6 percent of the men thought that too short and tight clothes is what really turns them off.

The list for the top-five biggest turn offs in a man, as per Lycos is:

1. Bad breath – 56%

2. Beer belly - 15%

3. Greasy hair - 13%

4. Dirty and shabby clothes - 8%

5. Smelly feet - 8%

The list for the top-five biggest turn offs in a woman, as per Lycos is:

1. Botox and Silicon – 32%

2. Excessive make up and hairspray - 26%

3. Greying thermal underwear - 22%

4. Overweight - 14%

5. Too short and tight clothes – 6%