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Mindless mayhem?

With reference to the report Pope condemns killings, Orissa burns (August 28), the brutal burning of a nun in Orissa and molestation of another are inhuman acts which everyone must condemn.

india Updated: Aug 29, 2008 22:50 IST

Mindless mayhem?
With reference to the report Pope condemns killings, Orissa burns (August 28), the brutal burning of a nun in Orissa and molestation of another are inhuman acts which everyone must condemn. It is a repetition of the killing of Graham Staines and his sons a decade ago. Stringent punishment for such heinous crimes is the only solution. Conversion may be the root cause of this carnage, but no one has a right to indulge in burning and killing and no religion justifies such cruelty.
Saroj Lalwani, Bhopal

The Valley of fears
Apropos of Barkha Dutt’s article So, is autonomy taboo too? (Third Eye, August 23), greater autonomy is an option but does that find favour with the people of Kashmir who clamour for azaadi? India is a democracy and you can’t muffle the voice of the people. Dutt is miffed with the pro-azaadi lobby in New Delhi and sides with cheerleaders of autonomy. But the mood prevailing in Kashmir leaves no other option but azaadi.
Syed Zafar Mehdi, Delhi

The reason for raising their voices for azaadi is due to the weak government at the Centre. Autonomy for Kashmir will have dangerous repercussions in Punjab, Nagaland, and Assam, with people calling for independent Khalistan, for more autonomy to Nagaland and the Ulfa demanding an independent Assam. Would Dutt invite the protagonists of Khalistan for discussions on TV and tell them that we favour azaadi for Kashmir, but will not give the same to Sikhs? Do you want the whole country to be Balkanised?
Satbir Singh Bedi, Delhi

India is an ancient land and people belonging to diverse races, religions and languages settled here and developed common ethos. Islam is also a part of our heritage. It influenced Hinduism and in turn was influenced by Hinduism. The common culture created a spirit of tolerance, respect for each other’s faith and peaceful co-existence. Both Hindu and Islamist fundamentalists should be suppressed. Corruption must be curbed so that the fruits of development reach those who need it most. If the government and intellectuals educate the people, even Article 370 may become redundant.
BP Nailwal, Dehradun

The self-created problem of forestland issue has complicated the knotty Kashmir tangle even more. The demand for azaadi is holding normal life to ransom in Jammu and the Valley. The Prime Minister must intervene to help address the problem with an open mind.
RL Pathak, Delhi

Let’s be good enemies
With reference to the report Terror in Jammu (August 28), the way Pakistan has provided covering fire to the terrorists to sneak through Kaluchak shows its complicity in terrorism. We must dispel the notion of being a soft State and retaliate by wrenching the entire chicken neck. We should trash their glib talk that they too are targets of terror. What is the use of diplomatic ties or rail and road links with a country that sponsors anti-India outfits?
Raghubir Singh, Pune

Anti-national acts
The reports of Indian flags burning and Pakistani flags waving in Srinagar left me teary eyed. The central government’s attitude towards people demanding azaadi in Srinagar and Muslim women tramping their feet on ‘enemy Indian land’ has been deplorable. These are traitors who, despite sustaining on Indian soil, have no loyalty. Sacrifices of many lives for the national cause will go down the drain if such conduct is allowed to blemish the nation’s sanctity.
Preeti Sharma, via email

Closed for repairs
Sitaram Yechury in India, anybody home? (Left hand drive, August 28) rightly states that at a time when crucial issues confront the nation, the UPA is focused on the Indo-US nuclear deal. The government cannot run away from its responsibility by postponing the Monsoon Session of Parliament. The people have a right to know, through their representatives in Parliament, what the government is doing to douse the communal conflagration in Jammu and Orissa, and to contain the price rise and unemployment.
Vidya Sagar Sharma, Gurgaon