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Missing the point

india Updated: Nov 10, 2010 21:55 IST

Our Pakistani brothers and sisters are getting all hot under the collar because Barack and Michelle did not pop across for a natter while meandering around Asia. They could have, considering they were rattling around in Delhi that is just a whisker away from Pakistan. But no, they stuck to Incredible India not Pugnacious Pakistan.

The Pakistanis are getting their knickers in a twist for no rhyme or reason. Barack made sure that they got an advance Diwali present in the form of several billion dollars before he came calling here. This can be fruitfully used by the Pakistanis to improve the lot of their people by buying essential items like Stinger missiles and howitzer guns that they can test fire across the border.

On some occasions, they can even nip across the border for some target practice. Of course, here silver-tongued Obama said all the right things from dhyanavad to jai Hind. But many of us would have felt a lot better if he had shown us the money as he did for our friends chez Pakistan.

Then, of course, there is the inconvenience and expense we went to. From shutting off roads to conjuring up the Bukhara platter that apparently he did not sink his teeth into, all normal life ceased to exist for those three days. And Michelle splashed out Rs 84,000 at the crafts museum, not a sum that we can retire on.

The Pakistanis should be pleased, they did not have to cease all normal activity like jihad training, making anti-India speeches and looking for chinks in the border. They could get on with life as they know it while we here could not even get the weather forecast given the carpet-bombing coverage of the Visit.

If Obama had taken it upon himself to visit Pakistan, it would have had to do a lot more than put a lick of paint on the kerb. It would have had to hire a choreographer extraordinaire to convince him that what he was seeing is not the military goosestep but the dance of democracy that he and Michelle seem to break into at the hint of a song.