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Mobiles a menace for sparrows

The chirping of a domestic sparrow on a roof top of a house now-a-days is almost a forgotten sight. Blame highly intermingled electro-magnetic rays in the environment for that. Vikram Sharma reports.

india Updated: Nov 07, 2009 18:33 IST
Vikram Sharma

The chirping of a domestic sparrow on a roof top of a house now-a-days is almost a forgotten sight.

But in mobiles, many of the bird lovers have saved it as a ring tone to enjoy the sound of sweet chirp on their handsets.

Though many a reason are given by different specialists through their respective studies on the vanishing theory of the sparrows and mynah from the city, yet the primary reason is attributed to the mushrooming of the buildings here turning the forests into ‘concrete jungles’.

The mobile telephony network creating a hazard of highly intermingled electro-magnetic rays in the environment is one such cause for these birds facing uncomfortable flights.

And the recent government decision of depriving 38 lakhs pre-paid consumers of the services in the state is also not likely to provide any relief to these birds to return as mobile towers and electronic web in the air would be there as usual.

“Mobile towers or electro-magnetic waves keeping the birds to fly off from the city can be the last reason, but immediate cause is the spontaneous growth of concrete buildings that have made these birds move to peripheral jungles,” said S P Singh Dutta, former HoD of Environmental studies in Jammu University.

He also attributed the vanishing of the birds from the city directly related to noise as well air pollution.

“Heavy vehicular traffic emitting poisonous chemicals and creating highest decibels sound pollutions the other main reason for these birds to take departure from the city limits,” informed the former HoD.

The Project Engineer with Department of Physics Anik Gupta though admitted on the scientific congestion in traffic of mobile telephony as one of the cause sending the birds away from the city, yet he also laid emphasis on the earlier causes put forth by S P Singh Dutta.

“It has nothing to do with 38 lakhs consumers getting switched off fon pre-paid usage making any difference to the waves emission in the air. Such myth has no solid ground for the vanishing theory except the only one of city getting heavily congested by concrete building and vehicular traffic,” said Anik Gupta.

Be it the rise in concrete buildings or mobile telephony doing the damage, sweet chirping hence is not likely to be heard back now.