'Modi dhamaka' loudest in cracker of a Patna Diwali!

  • Mukesh Kumar Mishra, Hindustan Times, Patna
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2014 08:30 IST

Election verdict in Maharashtra and Haryana polls gave Narendra Modi-led BJP ample reasons to get in the mood for a cracker of a Diwali.
In distant Patna, that mood is reflected at almost all the firecracker stalls in the City area, the old part of the state capital: By way of best selling crackers named after Narendra Modi!

This is not the first time that crackers have been named after a celebrity or famous figure. But unlike on earlier occasions, it is a ‘Modi firecracker wave; that has relegated all others to the sidelines.

The most sought after 'Modi dhamaka' is priced at Rs 500 apiece. What is significant about the packing is an imposing picture of the Indian prime minister.


Also inscribed on the package is the 'Made in India' tag, which separates it from foreign made firecrackers, largely imported from China.
Amid a market is full of crackers named after Bollywood and cricket celebrities, shopkeepers said the 'Modi dhamaka' - a chocolate bomb - was a clear winner.

"People are going for it in a big way. Even activists of the BJP have fallen for it. We have kept enough stock to ensure we won’t run out of supplies," said Sanjay Kumar, who has a shop in Khajekalan locality.
Some sellers admitted the results of Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections may have contributed significantly to a spurt in demand for Modi ‘bombs’.

"Modi crackers will light up the state's skyline with colours on Diwali evening. These crackers are made in such a way that they go quite high in the air on being burst," said another seller.

The shopkeepers are also happy with Modi for making a reported move to ban sale of Chinese crackers that has been rampant for the last many years, at the expense of local manufacturers.

"Though Chinese crackers have still found their way into the market, the intensity has declined. So far as dealers like me are concerned, this has made the Modi bomb all the more special”, said Mohammad Naushad.

Rajesh Kumar, a wholesale cracker shop owner, said Bihar has an old tradition of selling crackers named after celebrities.
"But this time, NaMo bombs and crackers have left all other brands way behind. Earlier, we used to sell crackers named after a lot of political leaders. This time it is Modi all the way," he said.

He said different varieties of ‘Modi Dhamaka bombs’ are available in the range between Rs 150 and Rs 500. "Many young people, including BJP workers, too are going for such firecrackers in a big way," Rajesh added.

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