Modi foes and fans clash, Twitter caught in crossfire

  • Mahesh Langa, Hindustan Times, Ahmedabad
  • Updated: Aug 12, 2013 15:38 IST

Used to a massive fan following on social media platforms for their leader, Narendra Modi’s fans on Twitter were in for a shock post Gujarat chief minister’s Hyderabad rally on Sunday.

Instead of hashtags such as #NamoinHyd and #ModiinHyd which were set up by his fans and BJP’s social media wing, it was Congress’ #fekuexpress which was trending after his speech.

The hashtag emerged a winner even on Monday.

Feku (fibber) has become Congress’ favourite term while referring to Modi. Through #fekuexpress, Congress claimed to ridicule and expose the claims Modi made during his speech in the southern city.

The Congress media in-charge Ajay Maken tweeted on the #fekuexpress trend, “Why is #fekuexpress trending at number one? Has it something to do with some more wrong figures and lies feted out in Hyderabad today?”

Another spokesperson of the Congress, Sanjay Jha said, “#TeamCongress has effectively decimated #Fekuexpress #Fekufans on social media, and through power of counter punch and truth, won the space.”

While the Congress spokespersons were obviously elated at their success, die-hard Modi fans questioned how #fekuexpress was on top of the charts. US-based Modi fan Saswati Sarkar asked Twitter to clarify why #fekuexpress was trending over #Namoinhyd.

“Can @TwitterIndia clarify how #fekuexpress trended over #Namoinhyd despite substantially large number of tweets in latter in the same time frame?”

Another fan Alok Bhatt also questioned Twitter. “Dear @TwitterIndia you ought to come clean on whether your head interacts with Cong’s SM member, did he meet member of any other team?”

Both Prof Sarkar and Bhatt have alleged in their tweets that the head of twitter in India met some members of the social media wing of the Congress.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, a leading face of Twitter and spokesperson of AICC, called it a case of sour grapes.

“The opposition on twitter behaving like sore losers! Now accusing twitter of fixing trends because they lost in their own akhada! #fekuexpress.”

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