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Moninder deserves a fair trial

india Updated: Jan 08, 2007 17:34 IST
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The trouble is that our media has predetermined the killers and their fate. Where is the justice that "you are innocent unless proven guilty"?

I live in a country where justice and fairness can not be doubted or debated and where the media is free and tabloid journalism has very limited scope and is reserved for the lowest of echelons of the society, like truck drivers, construction workers, city fathers, etc.

Moninder Singh went to one of the best schools and graduated from the best college of India. He couldn't be dumb enough to dump the bodies of the people he killed in his backyard? Or even in the neighbourhood? He had connections in the police and he would have learnt more ways to dispose off the bodies if he was the real killer and wanted to get away.

This carnage seems to be the sole work of his psychopath servant who was not only sick but dumb, uneducated and believed that his master was highly connected and would save him if he ever got caught.

Being away from the tabloid journalism, my anthropological knowledge of the different races in India tells me that this is how the carnage could have taken place. Moninder Singh, a Sikh, was fond of ravishing women (he admits it) and he meets the first woman before the carnage. He gratifies her by paying some money and she keeps coming back to get more and more money.

Mohinder wants fresh goods and is fed up of this woman and wants her to stop. She threatens him of dire consequences by exposing him in the neighbourhood about his sexual escapades. Mohinder loses control and smacks her to scare her or discipline her. The woman dies as a result of this sudden rage and the beating she gets.

Mohinder tells his servant to get rid of the body. Now, the servant, a psychopath is excited and he hacks the body and disposes it off. A couple of months go by and nothing happens. No investigation, no enquiries, no checking and then this looks damn easy to a man of his intelligence.

He is now empowered by a new weapon of being his master’s confidante. Since his master is most of the time away on business or living in Chandigarh he starts his own programme of raping, killing and cannibalism under the self assurance that nothing is going to go wrong if he ever got caught as a well-connected master of his already a partner in crime with him.

And the cycle continues until ceiling hits the roof and as a result the present day scenario. Whole of India is blindly believing what that psychopath servant is saying and crucifying Moninder Singh for the heinous murders. He is surely guilty but maybe only for the first murder of the prostitute, which was an accident.