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‘My house reflects me’

Actor Emraan Hashmi’s home boasts a minimalistic, clutter-free look.

india Updated: Jan 08, 2010 20:39 IST

I live in a four bedroom-hall-kitchen house at Pali Hill with my mom, dad, wife and grandmom. I love Pali Hill because it is one of the few places left in Mumbai which are quiet and green. But slowly, the greenery here too is dwindling because many new buildings are coming up. I am convincing my friend, who lives nearby, not to make a building in place of his bungalow. Fortunately, my lane (Nargis Dutt Road) is a dead-end and you still don’t get any traffic noise. And there are no buses allowed in Pali Hill.

Wood For Thought
I was very clear that I wanted the décor of my house to be in dark wood and white. I wanted the house to have a minimalist feel so that there is more space to sit and move around. It gives a feeling of serenity and a sense of space. It makes the room look bigger and clutter-free. My bedroom also has the white-and-wood décor and has a lovely balcony. I wanted to keep the colour white and break it with a painting or an artefact.

Four years back, we had redone the interiors. I made a lot of alterations in our hall. I removed the wall unit and cabinets. My house reflects me as a person— it’s simple, clutter free and sans baggage.

My dad, my interior designer Bhupi and I created the décor. I wasn’t married yet so my wife Parveen didn’t contribute too much. We went to a couple of stores in Mumbai and picked up lampshades from Colaba and Juhu. I got a couple of things from abroad as well. There is a yellow Ostrich egg which I picked up from South Africa. I have an aquarium in the hall. I wanted to have a bigger one but it’s a bit tough to maintain. My dad gets up early in the morning and feeds the fish. If I’m leaving early for a shoot, I feed the fish myself.

The balcony outside my bedroom and hall are my favourite corners. The view from my bedroom is very lush and green. There is a very old bungalow (since 1970) which is visible from my balcony. As kids we would think it’s a haunted house. When my friends come, we chill in the balcony.

Home Rules
We are obsessive about cleanliness in my house. The constant refrain I heard as a kid was, ‘Don’t jump on the sofa or put your feet on the sofa’. My dad has inculcated an obsession for cleanliness in me. This trait of mine irritates my friends when they come over. My wife is even more obsessive about cleanliness as far as our bedroom is concerned. If I throw my shirt on the bed, she doesn’t like it.

Penthouse With A Sea View
Now that we are expecting a new member in my house (his wife is pregnant), I definitely need more storage space. I had a huge collection of posters that have been chucked out. It is my dream to buy another flat in this building because I am so attached to this place. I can’t even imagine going out of Bandra and staying in Khar or in town. And I am not a bungalow kind. I’d rather buy a penthouse with a sea-view. I like houses which are on the higher floor. If I have to buy a house, I will buy it in Pali Hill. I am looking for the place in the vicinity.

— as told to Mauli Singh, Bollywood News Service