Narendra Modi a vote puller, Congress bigger draw than Rahul

  • Danish Raza, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Aug 15, 2014 04:03 IST

Despite all the flak he has drawn over his image of a reluctant politician and having failed to turn around the fortune of the Congress, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi remains a favourite among India's young women voters.

Of the 36% who voted primarily for him, 64% were women. The party was also the primary reason for the 44% who voted for the Congress and its allies. However, 63% said the party encouraged corruption and 56% said the UPA government wasn't efficient.

This is in stark contrast to Modi’s pull among voters. Sixy-six percent said he was an inspiration for youth, compared to those who chose Rahul Gandhi (22%). Says Sanjay Kumar, "Such support base is on expected lines. If we consider the vote base of both the parties among the youth, we find that the Congress gets slightly more votes among young women and the BJP gets votes of young men.”

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