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Natural connection

india Updated: Jun 19, 2009 20:09 IST
Anoushka Shankar

A few friends and I have come on a road trip to one of my favourite places, Big Sur in California. It’s like Manali and Goa rolled into one, with winding mountain roads overlooking jagged cliffs, which frame the ocean in the most stunning way.

As I sit on my veranda typing on my laptop, the river in front of me bubbles away, and I’m surrounded by gorgeous, ancient redwood trees. The sun is about to set over the Pacific and there are more colours in the sky than I can name. It’s paradise. Every day, we’ve been trekking the mountain ranges that border the ocean, finding stretches of private beach on which to rest before hiking some more. We’ve eaten divine food at every single meal.

I’ve even decided I like the American version of chai and have it multiple times a day!

The town is tiny - a stretch of land along the main highway. The only directions you need to know are “north” or “south” so even a directionally-challenged girl like me can get around. I’m with three other girls and one of them is a fantastic yoga teacher, so every day we take our mats out and do yoga in the sun facing the river.

I love holidays like this; I love connecting to the earth in such a profoundly beautiful way. Everyone should step out of city life now and then to reconnect with nature. Tomorrow I leave, but I’ll try to carry this feeling back home with me.
Replies: Ravi Saini, thanks for the compliments.

I do get the letters sent to this address, so please feel free to write anytime. Riya, I’m happy to hear you’re serious and passionate about classical singing. I would be happy to hear your voice or help point you in some good directions. Since you’re in Delhi you can get in touch with The Ravi Shankar Centre and I’ll make sure you get the feedback. Pranjali, thanks for your bubbly letters, I enjoy reading them! I’m not an expert on painting but I enjoyed seeing your work and liked your ideas and use of colour.

Amar from Amritsar, I appreciate your feedback. In fact you gave me an idea for a future column! Stay tuned. Khyati, your work sounds great! Your tattoo will probably take a few years to fade more, but it depends on how much sun it gets. Dear Chrysalis, thanks for your feedback. Racism is an important topic to continually address so we can definitely look at your points in the future. Kshma, I was happy to hear that my column about the Saturn Return struck a chord. I hope it helps you and your husband shape your lives in the way you desire! And lastly, Gargi, you can absolutely call me “Di”.