NEET 1 today: How CBSE will use tech to prevent cheating during exam

  • Hindustan Times, Kota
  • Updated: May 01, 2016 09:04 IST
Authorities have deployed mobile jammers and metal detectors at examination centres and asked candidates to wear slippers/sandals and half sleeves clothes.(Photo by Anshuman Poyrekar/ Hindustan Times) (Hindustan Times)

The Central Board of Secondary Education will use electric torches to check for hidden bluetooth devices and thwart unfair practices during the common medical entrance test, NEET-1, on Sunday.

Authorities have deployed mobile jammers and metal detectors at examination centres and asked candidates to wear slippers/sandals and half sleeves clothes.

The CBSE is toughening measures to prevent a repeat of last year, when the AIPMT exam was re-conducted after arrest of a gang for cheating and leaking answer keys in Haryana.

NEET-1 is scheduled in 1040 examination centers across 52 cities, including 22 centers in the coaching capital of Kota.

Around 667,000 aspirants will appear for NEET-1. The second phase of the common medical entrance test will be held on July 24.

“Ears of the aspirants will be checked through torch for finding any hidden electronic gadgets which can be used in cheating”, he said. Such torches have been provided to all the 22 examination centers of NEET-1,” said CBSE coordinator of Kota, Pradeep Singh Gaur.

Aspirants will have to bring only admit card, a passport size photo and a postcard size photo and nothing else, not even pen/pencil or paper.

Aspirants will not be allowed to enter examination center wearing caps, rings, bracelet or any religious symbols.

Candidates will not be allowed to keep wallets, wear shoes and wrist watches and have to come in sandals or slippers, Gaur said.

Female aspirants will have to tie their hair.

“Aspirants with religious apparels like Burka of Muslim women or Nuns gown or others will have to reach at the examination center at 8.30 am so that they can be entered into examination center after thorough frisking,” he said.

A separate place for frisking has been kept at the examination like at airports, he said.

The examination will start at 10 am for which the aspirants will be allowed to enter the examination center between 7.30 am and 9.30 am. The three-hour long examination will conclude at 1 pm.

“Aspirants will be checked through metal detectors before allowing entry inside examination center while mobile jammers are being installed to prevent use of mobile phones, Gaur said.

CBSE observers will keep vigil at every examination centre and videographers will be used. A wall clock will be kept at the examination room whose time will be synchronized with the clock of the website of NEET-1.

Gaur said around 12,000 aspirants will take NEET-1 at 22 examination centers in Kota while around 35,000 aspirants will appear at Jaipur and 15,500 at Ajmer.

A candidate named Divyanshi Jain said there was no issue among aspirants regarding security measures as they didn’t want to take the test twice because of cheating.

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