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Night without end

india Updated: Nov 30, 2008 22:03 IST

The terror attack in Mumbai is most unfortunate but not surprising. We have let these terrorists strike with impunity due to our own selfish ways, our perverse party agendas, the vote-bank politics, our incorrect policies and wrong priorities. This attack has exposed the gross failure of our intelligence. In spite of repeated cases of terror attacks, the government has failed to take corrective action and preventive measures. Let us hope we will wake up this time and pull our resources together to fight and destroy terror.

N.V.S.N. Murthy, Gandhinagar


Islamic terrorists have hammered another nail into the heart of India and killed three top police officers and over a hundred innocent people. I am not sure that even an incident of this magnitude is enough to stir the government into action. Islamic terror is a reality across the world and to deny its threat is foolish. We must make immediate amends by hanging Afzal, reinstate Pota in all states and allow intelligence agencies to function independently. Otherwise this incident will reaffirm India’s soft take on terror.

Rajinder Katoch, Delhi

The 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai is no less than an invasion and is best fought with full might. It is equally important that the attack isn’t allowed to become an election issue but be used instead as the final wake-up call. India should be stopped being seen as a soft State where politics, legal procedures, corruption, proliferation of agencies and committees combine to derail our efforts to fight terror.



Our attitude to fighting terror needs an overhaul. Holding cabinet meetings or issuing banal statements after every attack will not help. Instead we should draw up a strategy that neutralises efforts to politicise terror and helps evolve an unbending political will to act on intelligence inputs. Western democracies have often seen their political classes unite when the nation is at war. Why can’t we?

J.L. GANJOO, Delhi


The Congress has failed to protect the country again. It is busy maligning Hindu groups instead of chasing the groups that unleash terror. The Congress must realise that the real enemy is not the BJP and its supporters but the Naxals, religious fanatics and cross-border terrorism.

Pramod Gupta, via email


We must revamp our anti-terror mechanism under the command of the armed forces which will surely be able to provide the logistics and intelligence support to fight terror. But, above all, we need a political will that can rise above petty parochial considerations.

Raghubir Singh, Pune