Nitish no Akshay Kumar, his face won't win elections: Giriraj Singh

  • Prashant Ranjan, Hindustan Times, Shahpur
  • Updated: Jun 17, 2015 08:39 IST

Union minister Giriraj Singh has said Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is no Akshay Kumar, a reference to the Bollywood actor who is known for his successful films, that he can take a win for granted.

Taking up the cudgels against the Janata Parivar at Shahpur, some 30 km away from the district headquarters at Ara on Tuesday, Singh, who was addressing a party meeting said, "Much as Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar might wish, this is not going to be an election based on caste."

"They want it to be so - caste against caste. But this will not be an election of castes, but based on jamaat (society). Their's is a honeymoon without marriage, which would be hard to consummate."

On June 8 Prasad had proposed Kumar's name as the leader of the Bihar alliance against the BJP, after weeks of posturing by the leaders of their parties regarding the post of the chief minister.

Lalu had said he is "ready to drink all kinds of poison. I am determined to crush the hood of this snake, this cobra of communalism."

"Lalu Prasad has said their union is a poison which must be drunk. I say it is a poison they were forced to drink for the fear of BJP. Let them start the reverse count. The die is cast," Singh said.

The Union minister accused Kumar of lying to the people of Bihar saying he never kept his electoral promises.

"Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad and Congress are working on a theory that a hundred lies would add up to the truth. It will not. So how is it that Kumar, who promised never to go back to the electorate should he fail to get power to every home in Bihar, is now saying he has fulfilled his promise."

"Has it happened in reality? My Nawada constituency has 2,200 villages, of which just 71 have power. That's enough to prove that Nitish Kumar lies and that he is not a man of principle."

Singh claimed Kumar became the CM for the second time only because of his association with the BJP.

"Whatever development happened, it happened with the NDA. The day BJP separated, the graph in health, crime and infrastructure all went down," he said, adding, "Now such is the situation, that criminals hold durbars in jails."

Singh claimed that the state has let down the farmers who produced 1,500 lakh metric ton of paddy of which just 19 lakh metric tons were bought by the state.

"That is a scam which requires a CBI inquiry," he said.

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