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Nitish's point-by-point rebuttal of Modi

india Updated: Oct 29, 2013 16:32 IST
HT Correspondent
Nitish Kumar

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar's address to his party workers at Rajgir on Tuesday was a point-by-point rebuttal of his Gujarat counterpart and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's speech at Patna two days ago. Modi had ridiculed Nitish at the rally.

Gujarat CM and BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi: Bihar BJP has demanded a 50,000-crore package and the state must get it
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar: Janata-Dal United's signature campaign forced Centre to set up panel to consider special status for Bihar... BJP launched a vicious campaign against Amartya Sen just because he had praised Bihar model of development

Modi: This (hunkar) rally is not just historic, but it will also lay foundation stone for a new future
Nitish: BJP's hunkar (battle cry) rally reflects their arrogance

Modi: I used to sell tea on trains. Even the railway minister doesn't have my experience of what one face on trains. Hum gharibi main paida huye hai. I have seen and experienced poverty
Nitish: I have not sold tea, but I too come from a modest background

Modi: In the alliance of JDU-BJP, the BJP ministers who worked for the welfare of people of Bihar... We wanted to remove jungle raj from Bihar, therefore had tolerated many insults
Nitish: My ex-friends once praised me and now they are finding faults with me... BJP is responsible for the split.

Modi: Bihar CM and I were at an occasion where he was most uncomfortable to be seen in my presence. I told him: Don't worry, there are no cameras here
Nitish: We were not seated at the same table at any lunch hosted by PM Manmohan Singh

Modi: I want to tell the descendants of Shri Krishna (Yadavs), I have come from Dwarka to take responsibility of your well being
Nitish: They talk about Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. BJP should remember Ram, Krishna united country and didn't belong to any caste or party

Modi: Poverty is a very big issue and due to price rise poor have nothing to eat. Children are crying
Nitish: What's their thought for the millions who live below the poverty line? I have a vision and I am working for it

Modi: When we are reminded of the Gupta Dynasty we are reminded of Chandragupta's rajneeti
Nitish: BJP has amazing grasp of history. They should know Chandragupta was of Maurya dynasty, not of Gupta dynasty

Modi: Alexander's army conquered the entire world but was defeated by the Biharis. That's the might of this land.
Nitish: Alexander’s army never crossed Ganga and he wasn’t defeated by Biharis. Neither is Takshashila in Bihar (as Modi had said), it is situated in Pakistan.

Janata Dal United leader Shivanand Tiwari embarrassed his party by openly praising Modi. He then went on to attack Kumar

• Flashing his convocation ID card, Kumar said it was made in Bihar. He then showed a card which he said was a BJP rally card and claimed it was made in China

• I noticed Modi was wiping his face. Why was he sweating? A man who aspires to lead India should be patient