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No puja, he has write attitude to Ram

He doesn't believe in visiting temples, or in raising slogans. Instead this Ram Bhakt worships the Lord by writing books, away from the media glare.

india Updated: Dec 17, 2009 18:07 IST
Sachchidanand Shukla

He doesn't believe in visiting temples, or in raising slogans.

Instead this Ram Bhakt worships the Lord by writing books, away from the media glare.

Meet the 54-year-old Ajay Kumar Chhawchharia, a Marwadi resident of Bengal, living in a small room at Rajghat in Ayodhya for the past 27 years.

Armed with knowledge of Hindi, English and Sanskrit, he has a pen, a personal computer and religious books for company. Undeterred by the mood that prevails in the temple city, this devotee has critically analyzed most of the Hindu holy books, narrating Ram's character and written research-oriented explanations and commentaries in English. His ultimate aim is to make Ram's ideology popular at the international level.

Abhishek Prakashan, New Delhi, has published six of his books on Ram's ethos and eight others are under publication by Chaukhambha Publishing House, New Delhi. Still, he is not known in the temple city.

But his fame crossed the country's boundaries when noted BBC journalist Mark Tully devoted many pages in his popular book 'India in Slow Motion' to Chhawchharia.

Tully quoted Chhawchharia as saying, "I adore Rama, and he is my family, my father, my brother and my friend".

Martin Buckley, a former BBC journalist and now Professor of Journalism at Lancashire University (UK) has also written about Chhawchharia in his book 'An Indian Odyssey'.

The low-profile Chhawchharia was born on August 8, 1955 in Burdwan district of West Bengal. His father was an established businessman and a partner in several coalmines. After graduation, Chhawchharia started helping his father but this was perhaps not the aim of his life. He came to Ayodhya at the age of 27 in search of peace and truth. For the first five years, he had no goal in mind. Things changed in 1987 when he joined as an accountant at Kanak Bhawan. Soon, he started writing explanations on the works of Tulsidas, Valmiki, Surdas, Ved Vyas and other Hindu scriptures. Selfless to the core, he does not accept royalty from the publishers. He says the salary of Rs 3,000 that he receives from Kanak Bhawan is enough for him. He considers earning too much money a sin and has requested his publishers to invest the royalty in charitable projects and popularise the ideology of Ram.

His publications include the 'Biography of Lord Sri Ram', 'Tulsidas's Vinay Patrika', 'Kavitavali', 'Dohawali', 'Geetawali', 'Barvai Ramayan with Ram Raksha Stotra' and 'The Legendary Glory of Hanuman'.

In the 'Biography of Lord Sri Ram', Chhawchharia has quoted two horoscopes of Lord Ram made by Valmiki and Vasistha respectively. He has also drawn a roadmap of Ram's exile and journey to Lanka.

Chhawchharia has cited examples, quotations and sayings from the Bible and the Quran in 'Upanishads of Sam Veda', which is one of the eight books that will be published in January 2010.