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No surprises here

india Updated: Jan 08, 2009 22:02 IST
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Apropos of the report This is no proof, says Pak (January 7), it rightly mentions that Pakistan has been falsely accusing India and diverting world attention from the problem of terrorism. President Asif Ali Zardari knows that his political career will meet a tragic end if his administration accepts Pakistan’s guilt for 26/11. The military will once again take over the democratic set-up and the US will quietly approve of it, as it has always done.

M. SUBRAHMANYAM, via email


Pakistan’s rejection of the evidence provided by India did not come as a surprise. Keeping other nations in the loop and sharing evidence with them will definitely put international pressure on Pakistan. All terror attacks against India appear to be the handiwork of the ISI and its affiliates. How can we expect them to take the blame? After all, criminals cannot punish themselves. On the other hand, if we wish to end the matter immediately, we should go the Israel way and kill the terrorists hiding across the border. It is the only language they understand.

J.C. Rebello, Bangalore


With reference to the editorial Keep them tongue-tied (Our Take, January 6), Pakistan has cleverly chosen the denial mode because the strategy suits it for the time being. To cover up its follies and support to terror outfits, Pakistan is accusing India of terror strikes on its soil. Simultaneously, it is difficult to understand a statement like ‘war may not be a solution, but we are prepared for any eventuality’ by Pranab Mukherjee. How long will we fear Pakistan and keep our hands tied?

R.K. Malhotra, Delhi

Might might be right

Apropos of the editorial Better late than LTTE (Our Take, January 7), Sri Lanka has finally managed to overpower the mighty LTTE. After several years of terror, the Lankan army seems to have ousted the Tigers from Kilinochchi, their headquarters since 1995. It is a major accomplishment for the Sri Lankan army and we, too, should take a lesson from our southern neighbours in eradicating terrorism from our country.

Vinod Tyagi, New Delhi

A cavalier approach to women

Apropos of the report 24-year-old MBA student gang-raped in Noida (January 7), it reflects the mental degradation of our society as 10 boys gang-rape a girl only to celebrate their victory in a cricket match. In fact, all the accused should be given the death penalty for other miscreants to take heed from the incident. The issue of rape demands much more seriousness than it is accorded at the moment. It is not a problem affecting a few individuals, but reflects the degeneration of an entire society. It speaks for the absence of respect we have towards our womenfolk.

R.K. Malhotra, New Delhi