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Non-attachment gives sanctity to life

india Updated: Feb 04, 2010 23:42 IST
Vijay Joshi

Non-attachment is an essential part of life. Lord Krishna says, in the Geeta, “ Hey Arjun, think about the deed and not the fruits “. Greed kills a person. When you do a work expecting something in return, it is selfishness. Our motive should
be selfless work. When you work without any greed, you get the fruits automatically, whereas the aim for fruits is a sort of greed and ruin the sanctity of your endeavours.

The feeling of non-attachment is such that we can remain aloof from greed even while living in this world. Raja Janak is considered a perfect example of this and was called Rajarshi (King and saint together).

Here is an example of the Mahabharat period. Some Gopis ( ladies) wanted to cross the Yamuna and go and meet Lord Krishna. The Yamuna was in its full flow. On the banks was seated Maharshi, the great saint Durvasa .The Gopis went to him and requested him to help them cross the river.

Durvasa asked for some food. The Gopis gave him some fruits. After eating the fruits, Durvasa told them:”Go to the river and say to it that if Durvasa had fasted today then give us the way.”

Surprised, the Gopis repeated these words to the river. TheYamuna got split in two and the Gopis crossed it easily.
After enjoying the whole day, they wanted to return and posed the same problem to Krishna of Yamuna being in full flow. Krishna said, “ Say to Yamuna to give way only if Krishna was not busy in Rasleela (dancing with companions ). When the Gopis said this to the river, it again got split into two.

That was the theory of non-attachment that Durvasa even after eating food remained on fast and Krishna after performing Rasleela remained unaffected by it.

Attachment generates selfishness, selfishness generates narrow mindedness, narrow mindedness generates ego, which in turn destroys a person. A non-attached person has a peaceful mind, does not think about profit and loss. And that makes him a better human being, and different from others.