On Brit streets, a taste of India

  • Rohit Bhaskar, Hindustan Times, Cardiff
  • Updated: Jun 05, 2013 00:28 IST

When the Indian cricket team is in town it brings in the big bucks for all concerned parties. But it’s not just the local cricket board that reaps the benefit of cricket’s most popular team, even the hawkers on the street make the most of it.

Brian and Simon, two Englishmen from the midlands, will follow the Indian team across the three venues where the Champions Trophy will be held and plan to sell tacky, merchandise items including a traditional English clown’s hat in the Tri-colour (5 pounds) and Indian flags at the venues (7 pounds).

Brain a retiree and Simon, slightly younger, can also expect the rake in the moolah. Going by past experience, they setup a similar stall during India’s horror tour in 2011, they expect to make upwards of 300 pounds during each matchday.

The duo, who 10 months of the year sell merchandise of Premier League clubs, have a pretty clear sales strategy – if its India, it sells. “We would never stock up merchandise of the English team, English cricket fans are snobs. They just want to sit quietly, sip their tea, read a paper, and watch some of the action. The Indian fans are more boisterous. In fact, if not India, we would much rather stock up Pakistan or Sri Lanka merchandise, even their fans like to wear their loyalty on their sleeve,” said Brian.

It’s a dog’s life
Journalists have been likened to dogs owing to the nature of their work. It was no surprise, then, that there was actual canine presence at the Sophia Gardens media centre on Tuesday. A black dog, managed to climb up the fire exit and bark its way into the media centre, which is on the second level.

Once there, the dog scurried from one end of the centre to the other. No one knew whose dog it was, but after evading the security personal for a good 5 minutes, and it was finally put on a leash and taken away. No confirmation yet, if it was given official media accreditation by the ICC!

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