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On the teen track

Teenagers’ rooms should be a place where they can express themselves. Feng shui consultant Raman Dutta gives tips.

india Updated: Aug 20, 2008 15:26 IST
Raman Dutta

Teenagers’ rooms should be a place where they can express themselves. Their needs and tastes keep changing and so the room should change annually too. Some principles can, however, remain constant.

The room is generally multi-functional — serving as a bedroom, study, sitting room and an entertainment area. A bit more yang will encourage children to concentrate more, develop better organisational skills and study seriously. But too much of it can make them restless. So it has to be balanced.

One way to ensure that children absorb the appropriate level of yang chi energy is by keeping the study table clean and clutter-free.

The direction they face when sitting at the desk will expose them to different type of chi energy too:

Facing east will encourage them to focuss on their studies.

Facing south will help them develop quick-thinking skills and take greater pride in their work.

Facing south-east will foster greater creativity.

Facing south-west will boost their practical research skills and their ability to produce quality work.

Facing west will surround them with energy that allows them to enjoy their work and complete projects easily.

Facing north-west will make them more organised and responsible.

Facing north will make them more independent and help them develop original ideas.

Facing north-east will surround them with positive energy to keep them competitive and hard-working.

Certain directions should be avoided. South-west will encourage them to dominate you. South-east may encourage hyperactivity.

A child who wants to be more independent might benefit from a bedroom facing north-west because of the ‘airy’ nature of the direction. The east is ideal for a child’s bedroom because the first rays of the sun have nurturing qualities.