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On the terror trail

india Updated: Sep 16, 2008 20:52 IST

Apropos of the editorial Until terrorists have a change of heart… (Our take, September 15), there is good reason why former President Abdul Kalam, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and other politicians are insisting on an anti-terror law. Suffice to say that the democracy-espousing Western countries have stringent laws against terror attacks. Such measures assure quicker disposal of cases. The UPA government, on the other hand, is dragging its feet in matters of terror.

Achyut Railkar, Mumbai


The bomb blasts in Delhi last Saturday have left behind distraught and helpless families. And this is not the first or the last act of terror either in Delhi or in India. But despite the bloody attacks, the government has failed to take any effective measure.

Preeti Sharma, Delhi


Instead of waiting for a change of heart in the terrorists, the government should take stringent punitive measures that can act as a deterrent for terror activities. It is time national security gains prominence over vote-bank politics.

PK Srivastava, via email

No one is above the law

With reference to the report Impeachment up to Parliament: CJl (September 15), the Supreme Court has restrained itself from taking any action against Calcutta High Court judge S. Sen. Parliament can only impeach a judge and cannot punish him/her for the offences described and specified in the IPC and other criminal statutes. Let the judiciary prosecute the erring judge and send him behind bars for financial irregularities. The message should be clear: nobody is above the law.

Mukesh Kumar, via email

The dance of the universe

It is interesting and appropriate that in Sitaram Yechury’s article He=mc2 (September 12) a photograph of Shiva Nataraja has been shown. This extraordinary image is indeed the ideal representation of a kinetic universe, not only with the dance of subatomic particles but also the stately waltz of the galaxies in the immeasurable universe around us. It may be recalled that Sanskrit and Tamil texts describe different versions of the cosmic dance, of which the most important is the Ananda Tandava, the Dance of Bliss. The other famous dance is the Vinasha Tandava, the Dance of Destruction, which takes place when the Universe is finally going to come to an end. We can only hope that as far as CERN is concerned, Lord Nataraja will choose the Ananda Tandava.

Karan Singh, MP, Rajya Sabha, Delhi

Ashamed to be a Muslim

The serial blasts in Delhi are a reprehensible. And I am ashamed that no Muslim leader or public figure has come out condemning these acts. I bow my head in shame when my non-Muslim friends ask me how could the culprits do such a thing during the holy month of Ramzan. After black Saturday in Delhi, I am contemplating renaming my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter before she goes to school so that she will be identified as a Muslim. If those terrorists are proud to be Muslims, forgive me, Allah, but I am ashamed to be one.

Firoz Ali, via email