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One man’s defence is another man’s survival

india Updated: Jan 17, 2009 22:04 IST

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Indrajit Hazra deserves praise for his objective views in Palestine, the lost cause (Red Herring, January 11). It is a tragedy that Palestinians are subjected to such heinous acts for no fault of theirs. There can be no justification for killing innocent civilians. This war must be stopped, the occupation must end and human dignity must be respected. The crux of the problem is the occupation and the denial of the right to existence for Palestine. But right is might and it will prevail in times to come.

Waiel Awwad,

via email


While it is true that it was not easy for Palestine to digest the formation of Israel, the armed insurgency and violent attacks on Israelis can’t be justified. What Israel is doing now is to protect itself.

Kumar Rahul, Mumbai


Indrajit Hazra’s biased views comparing Jews with other religious communities do not make sense. The Buddhists, for example, haven’t been persecuted around the world for centuries. Our country is the only patch of land where secularism is actively practised. In such a scenario, can Jews be unjustified in their claims to a land they can call their own?

Ari Ben Canaan, via email


Kudos to Indrajit Hazra for presenting the Palestinian problem in the right perspective. The plight of the Palestinians and the denial of their right to return to their homeland is the root cause of Islamic terrorism. Israel should return all the occupied land and confine itself within the borders mandated for it by UN in 1948. And all the Arab nations and organisations, including Hamas, should recognise Israel. This is possible by bringing Hamas into the mainstream. Israel can kill thousands of Palestinians, but it cannot buy peace as every assault is increasing anger against it among Arabs and Muslims.

Obaid Nasir, via email

Get the media picture right

Apropos Vir Sanghvi’s Return of the Censor (Counterpoint, January 11), some television anchors might overdo things to push up their TRP ratings. But criticism of officials who didn’t intervene to prevent telecasts during the Mumbai siege is unfair. It is the public’s right to know how politicians and bureaucrats are carrying out their duties. Of course, restraint and decency is required on the part of channels. But before passing any restrictions, care should be taken to protect the fundamental rights of the people.

Shadab Husain, Lucknow

Selective feelings

It seems that Karan Thapar, in The Sens and sensibility (January 11), was touched by the story of a wife whose husband has been in prison for 19 months. But what about the thousands of prisoners in jails who have been in custody for so many years? They too have families, and value their freedom as dearly as the Sens. But maybe they don’t have the resources to be able to meet journalists like Thapar to be able to tell their stories to the world.

K.R.Tiwary, via email