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One world

india Updated: Aug 02, 2011 02:03 IST

There is an underlying unity in all the cultures around the world. We should realise that we are a one world family and find the common thread in different religions and cultures.

I remember my father used to say, the world is full of people and mistakes. Love the former and forgive the latter.

We need to forgive the mistakes, forget the wrong doings of people and bring everyone together in a spirit of celebration, spirit of love, compassion and serving.

Bringing all the cultures of the world together, and stringing them in a beautiful garland; this sense of belongingness, that we belong to one global family in spite of different colours, languages and food habits, has to be developed in all of us and in our children and youth. Let's enjoy the diverse variety of creation by honouring, respecting and loving them all.

We no longer live in an isolated world. We have no other choice than to honour diversity. It is a necessity, not an option. It is in our nature, and it is a sign of intelligence and evolution when we feel that all the cultures, all the civilisations, all the different schools of philosophy, belong to us.

Unfortunately, prejudice based on ignorance is the greatest impediment to embracing diversity. The time has come to love each other's religion as one's own. Certain things are same, and there are certain other things which are unique to each culture and country. It is time to celebrate the differences and celebrate life on this planet.

We have to create a society for our children, which is better than what we inherited. Today it is said "Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge"- only unity has power in this era. When many bristles are put together to make a broom, they are far more effective in sweeping a large hall than they would have been individually.

If we move together, we can do something big. Come what may, whatever the circumstances, everyone must keep his spirit high and realise the dream of seeing the world becoming one family.